Sports Director Online

Sports Director Online (SDO) is the most comprehensive online service for managing all aspects of organized youth sports and activities. SDO’s SaaS service is given to Recreation Programs and amateur youth athletic leagues. The database is organized so that every user, when they click into the site, gets exactly the information that is important to them. The coaches will see their roster, the standings, the schedule for practices, games, clinics, and all contacts including the team members and their parents and relatives, volunteers for transportation, concessions, officiating, etc. The family pays a small annual fee to register each child. The annual fee runs from nothing to just $4.95 to $19.95 depending on a number of options they select. When the parents register they also enter in the email addresses of family members
and friends and that then authorizes the others to visit the child’s individual website too. The information that appears when you enter the child’s virtual website just shows information that is relevant to that child. The bottom line is that we expect that a single child, aside from the registration fees, will be worth at least $100 per year in added revenues including value per sponsor, the posting of videos and photos, the purchase of mementos of the season and margins derived from purchases made by parents and friends at our special online store because portions of the purchases become donations to the fundraising needs of all of these organizations. There are more than 30 million kids in the U.S. involved in multiple youth activities. If all they earned were the registration fees across 1/3rd of those (10 million) then we would gross $50 to $500 million. In addition we expect to have many sponsors. The software development should be concluded by late summer 2011 in time for launch in the 2011 football season. This web site will not use banner advertising to earn money.